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Custom Auto Detailing

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Custom Auto Detailing

Most people love their cars. After all, it would be impossible for them to commute without it. However, it is important that they take care of it. There are several ways through which you can do that. One of the best options that you should consider is custom auto detailing. There is no better way to improve the appearance of your vehicle.

If you are considering custom detailing, you have come to the right place. This post takes a close look at everything you need to know about the service. You will be amazed by how much of a difference it can make. It is about time that you tried something different for a change. With custom auto detailing, you can get the car to look just how you want it to. Here is everything that you need to know about it.

What Is Custom Auto Detailing?

Custom auto detailing is a process that involves vacuuming the vehicle to remove dust, dirt, and other debris from the trunk, seats, mats, and carpets. It also ensures that the upholstery is shampooed for a refreshed look. Specialized methods are used based on the material used for the seat.

The service also cleans child safety seats, the gear stick, the steering wheel, the dashboard, the door handles, the air vents, and the windows. In fact, just about every surface is cleaned and polished so that you have nothing to worry about. Then, specialized finishing techniques are added to ensure that the car looks brand new.

Increase Resale Value

A major reason to consider custom detailing is that it helps increase resale value. Whether you are thinking of selling your car or not, you could always take advantage of the service to ensure that your car looks terrific. The service would maximize the value. You will be blown away by the difference it makes. Besides, you can rely on custom auto detailing to have an easier time selling your car in the market. It will ensure that your vehicle spends less time in the market and sells out quickly. It does not get better than this.


The best thing about custom auto detailing is that it allows personalization. If there is a specific paint texture or color in your mind, you will find the service to be just what you need. The service offers a wide range of options. This enables you to opt for a color that suits you best. It is important that you discuss all your requirements with the service provider so that your vision becomes a reality. You can let the expert know which type of style you are aiming for. The same goes for texture.

Have you always wanted to own a car that looks amazing? Custom auto detailing is just what you need. It will help elevate your vehicle in no time. You can count on the service to transform its look and feel. It is about time that you took a decision that helped improve the appearance of your car. The service involves various techniques which amplify its beauty. It will ensure that your car looks completely different. When you hire the service, you will get to ensure that you own a car that is a class apart.

Eliminates Damage

If your vehicle has sustained any damage, you can rely on custom auto detailing to eliminate the damage. When you drive a car, it is likely to incur damage. There are rocks on the road and other items that can damage the paint. However, there is no need to stress as custom auto detailing will ensure that your car looks amazing. It will eliminate damage for good and ensure that your vehicle looks new. Hence, you do not need to consider any other service as it is as good as it gets. You can turn to custom auto detailing to get the results that you are looking for. It will ensure that your car looks great by the time the work is complete.


What sets our teams custom detailing apart is the fact that it is a truly unique service. There is nothing quite like it. If you want your car to look unique and stand apart, you do not need to look anywhere else. A custom paint job is all you need to customize the vehicle to suit your personality. No matter what your requirements might be, you can rest assured knowing that it makes all the difference. Your car is a canvas for the service provider. Hence, you will be able to express what makes you tick through your vehicle.

Cost Effective

Not many people realize that custom auto detailing is a cost-effective service. Anyone who has a tight budget should have no trouble paying for the service as it is quite affordable. Besides, the fact that it is completely customizable means that you can get work done that you are able to afford. It makes it the perfect service. You do not need to spend a lot of money on the service as it suits every budget. All you have to do is discuss your requirements with the service provider and your budget. Then, you will have an idea of how much you will need to spend.

Top 5 Do's of Custom Auto Detailing

Vehicle detailers follow a methodical approach to ensure that the service provided is consistent and complete. There are some things that you need to consider if you want sparkling results.

1. Complete Prep Work And Tidy Up

The first thing that you need to do for the best custom auto detailing is to complete prep work. You have to understand that you cannot rely on any shortcuts if you require the best outcome. A common mistake that many people make when hiring custom detailing is failing to prepare their car for the service. A general clean-up is essential for ensuring that the company is able to perform the best job. Therefore, it is advised that you remove takeaway coffee cups, bottles, papers, wrappers, and other items that might be cluttering your car.

2. Remember The Seat Belts

Since seat belts are widely touched, you have to ensure that they are not overlooked when you hire custom detailing. The reason why they might be missed out on is that they retract when not in use. They would lie flush which means the service provider would be unable to clean them. There is no denying that seatbelts retain stains and dirt. Besides, the material tends to be grubby from hand cream, coffee splashes, and food spills. You can use a vinegar and water solution for sprucing up the seat belts. It would also help sanitize them.

3. Clean Under The Child Safety Seats

The next thing that you need to do is clean underneath the child safety seats. There is no way around it if you happen to have small children. When your kids eat snacks as you drive, crumbs are likely to fall underneath their seats. It is due to this reason that it is highly recommended that you vacuum and clean the car seats for your children. You must consider cleaning underneath these seats.

What you need to do is remove the safety seat entirely for cleaning. It will provide access to the upholstery and ensure that crevices are covered. Make sure to utilize the vacuum cleaner nozzle for small areas to get the best results.

4. Get The AC Vents

When you get car detailing done, you also have to consider the AC vents. They require more than just a wipe. You cannot just clean the surface and call it a day. You have to get in there. A failure to clean the AC vents would cause a musty smell to build up with time. Therefore, you will have to use a sponge paintbrush or foam to target hard-to-reach areas. You can head over to the hardware store to get these. As the sponge is soft, it would make sure that there are no scratches.

5. Use The Right Cloths

Lastly, you have to use the right cloths when cleaning the windows. You can turn to a glass cleaner to get the job done. Make sure that you spray onto the cloth directly to avoid streaky windows. You have to go for the right cloth to get a streak-free finish. This is where paper towels truly shine. They allow you to thoroughly clean the windows. Otherwise, you can go with a microfiber cloth for buffing the windows. Such a cloth is ideal for just about every type of custom auto detailing procedure. You can wipe it down using a cleaning product for the perfect finish.


Now that you know everything there is to know about custom auto detailing, all you need to do is choose the right service provider. The Bubbly Boys are your best option as we go out of our way to deliver outstanding results.

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