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How To Keep Your Car Clean With Kids

clean car with kids

Protecting Your Car

Have you just gotten interior car detailing or mobile detailing done? To keep your car clean with kids and in excellent condition can seem impossible. As you drive around with your little ones, you notice toys, food crumbs, mystery spills, and interior damage. Your car can become a hot mess as you drive if you do not have the right vehicle habits. Having the right car rules is necessary for teaching your kids how to ride with you.

On top of daily trips, road trips can prove to be a bigger hassle as you are likely to struggle to try to maintain the appearance of your car. To help you look after your car as a parent, we have created the ultimate post just for you. Here is everything you need to know in order to ensure that you have no trouble taking your kids for a long ride.

1. No Food Rule

One of the best ways to avoid car messes is by adopting a no food rule. It will teach your kids to avoid eating when they get in the car. This would ensure that your car remains in good condition. Since cleaning food messes is not the hardest task, you have to prohibit your kids from eating. It helps make things a whole lot easier so you don’t need to clean the seat crevices. It might not be hard enforcing the rule when taking your kids on a short trip. But, it can be difficult when going on a road trip. If you have to go for a road trip, you should ask your kids to step out to munch on snacks and get back in the car.

Besides, you could get your children to head outside with you to eat if they feel hungry. This would ensure that you do not experience any issues whatsoever. You have to give the rule a try to avoid having to clean food messes. Even if you have bought snacks for your babies, you should keep them with you and hand them the snacks when they get out of the car. Although the rule might seem harsh initially, your kids should adjust to it as you build new habits for your family.

2. Take Advantage of Cupcake Liners

Since you are likely to have cupcake liners laying around, it is about time that you put them to good use. You will come to know that they come in handy. In fact, you can utilize them for keeping the cup holders in your vehicle perfectly clean. All you have to do is place the extra cupcake liners inside the cup holders to make sure that the cup holders do not get dirty. Besides, it would make it a whole lot easier for you to keep trash out. You would just need to throw the cupcake liners away and place new ones to avoid a mess. That’s about it.

The fact is that you need to use the cupcake liners that you barely use. It would make everything more manageable. You will be relieved to know just how easy they are to use. Since the cup holders in your car can accumulate grime, it is crucial that you do not something about it. Otherwise, you would have a difficult time removing the grime on your own and would have no option but to hire a professional cleaning service more often.

3. Use a Bath Rug for a Floor Mat

As a parent who is trying to keep their car clean, you have to get creative. It is the only way that you can make your life a lot less stressful. A great way to get creative is by using the bath rugs as a floor mat. Since the car floor mats tend to experience the most damage, you have to do something about it. Food and beverages can spill onto the car floor mats and your dirty shoes could cause further damage.

There are likely to be extra bath rugs that you can use. Otherwise, you can always buy new ones. The fact is that bath rugs cost a lot less than new car floor mats. This is why it makes sense to get bath rugs. You just have to place them underneath the seats. It would help protect your car floor mats and ensure that the food droppings do not accumulate. To keep the bath rugs, you would just have to shake them over the trash can. It should do the trick. You simply cannot go wrong with this tip.

4. Reusable Trash Bags Are the Way to Go

The best way to ensure that there is no trash on the car seats is by using reusable trash bags. It will allow you to control the trash. You have to place the reusable trash bag behind the front seats. It would help make cleanups a lot easier as you would only need to toss the trash into the trash can. Even if you have younger kids, you should be able to use this tip. Besides, you will find it to be an environmental-friendly option. You can rely on reusable trash bags to avoid messes.

The only thing you need to teach your kids is to throw rubbish into the reusable trash bags. If you have older children, you could even ask them to throw away the garbage from time to time. Thus, you would be able to look after your car.

5. Get Seat Covers

If you want to protect the interior of your car, you should use seat covers. You can count on them to protect your front and back seats from damage. In fact, you will find them extra useful if you have a light-colored interior. The covers do an impressive job when it comes to preventing damage from smudging and kicking. Getting seat covers and using them is an easy task. Even if you have never used seat covers before, you should be able to use them without having any trouble. With just a bit of effort, you can place the seat covers.

6. Stains And Odors Are No Match For Us

Since stains are common when you have kids, you can call us for any stain removal to keep your car in good condition. A major reason why you need to consider us for stain removal is that it would take care of all types of stains. You don’t want to let spills sit or they will become more difficult to remove. Stains that sit can also make your car smell bad. 

You have to do something about odor as the last thing you want is to sit in a car that smells bad. A car can trap odors from even a single spill of the wrong thing. A good trick is to keep an air fresher on your dash or rearview mirror! 

7. Get Car Travel Bags

Lastly, you should consider offering car travel bags to your kids. They should be able to put their toys and other items in the car travel bags. It ensures that none of their belongings goes missing and you would not need to waste time trying to find what you are looking for.

There are many different things you can use to create an organized space in your car. These organizers are a way to keep toys/books for your kiddos off the floors and in one spot! The multiple pockets allow for lots of different things to be kept all together, and it makes them easy to access. Also, it’s ten times easier if you’re able to teach your kids to put things back in there too!

Choose The Bubble Boys Inc.

If you want to protect your car, you should consider interior car detailing or mobile detailing. It would help ensure that you have nothing to worry about. For the best car detailing, you should consider reaching out to The Bubble Boys Inc. as we provide a dedicated service that you can truly rely on. We take care of all your car cleaning needs. All you have to do is let us know what your requirements are and our team will provide the results that you are looking for. There is no mess we can’t handle. So, what are you waiting for? It’s about time that you gave us a call and got car detailing done.

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