white van with bubble boys inc logo on the side


white van with bubble boys inc logo on the side

Car Dealership Detailing

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Let Us Come Detail Your Trade In's

When it comes to car dealership detailing we’ve got you covered. We understand how frustrating it can be when you get a surplus of trade in’s, or new cars that aren’t ready to be listed because you’re detail team is behind.

We have partnerships with many car dealerships in the Canton area, and we love building our detailing relationships throughout the car dealership community.

Leave The Car Dealership Detailing To Us

Special Car Dealership Pricing

Building relationships with car dealerships is very important to us here at The Bubble Boys. This is why we have special discounted packages specifically for car dealership detailing. Whether you have a few cars, or an entire fleet, we have competitive pricing.

We understand the importance of consistency and reliability when it comes to outsourcing your car dealership detailing from time to time.

We want the opportunity to earn your business which is why we have such competitive pricing for our new clients. If you have questions about how our pricing works reach out to us today!

The Bubble Boys Benefits

No Hazardous Chemicals

We pride ourselves on being 100% eco-friendly. This means we use very little water and safe, non-toxic cleaning methods.
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No Employee Expenses

Working with The Bubble Boys means not having to worry about the costs associated with hiring, firing and maintaining more employees.
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No Electricity Or Water Costs

Our mobile detailing vehicles come equipped with everything (except water) in some cases to get the job done!
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