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white van with bubble boys inc logo on the side

Trucking Company Detailing

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Semi-Truck Detailing Service Experts

When you own or lease a fleet of semis, it can be difficult to keep them clean. Not every driver has the set of clean standards you do. When it comes to semi-truck detailing you have options.

Here at The Bubble Boys we have relationships with several trucking companies in the Stark county & surrounding areas. We love working with new companies and showing them how simple and cost effective it can be to have us keeping their trucks clean.

Semi-Truck Fleet Washing The Right Way

Semi-Truck Interior Detailing

When it comes to the interior of your company trucks, we know how dirty they can get. While our semi-truck interior detailing is great to restore the interior life of your trucks, it greatly benefits your drivers.

What we have found is that over time, unlike your personal car semi-trucks collect dirt, dust, and even mold at times. Your drivers spend a good portion of their lives in your semi-trucks; thus, they tend to get much more dirty than personal vehicles.

Since we have developed so many relationships and reoccurring semi-truck interior detailing business in the Stark county area, most trucking company owners say they’ll never go back to not having their trucks regularly detailed.

The Bubble Boys Benefits

No Hazardous Chemicals

We pride ourselfs on being 100% eco-friendly. This means we use very little water with safe and non-toxic cleaning methods.
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No Employee Expenses

Working with The Bubble Boys means not having to worry about the costs associated with hiring, firing and maintaining more employees.
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No Electricity Or Water Costs

Our mobile detailing vehicles come equipped with everything (except water) in some cases to get the job done!
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