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Have You Ever Gotten Ceramic Coating Applied To Your Car?

Is getting a ceramic coating on your vehicle really worth it? Is it better than getting your car waxed and polished? At The Bubble Boys we get these questions all the time, and all of the information you read online can be misleading, so we want to set the facts straight about ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is the best paint protection application you can get. Unlike most waxes, ceramic coating actually bonds to the paint, creating an entirely new layer of protection.

Most detailers and car enthusiast, believe ceramic coating to be the better replacement to the getting a paint protection film.

The Advantages Of Ceramic Coating

Extra Layer Of Protection

One of the major benefits of a ceramic coating is the extra layer of protection from various elements that it provides.

Add Durability To Your Vehicle

Ceramic coating will help make your car and it's paint job much more durable. Your car's paint job will last longer.

Ceramic Coating Repels Dirt

If you find that you live in an area where dirt and debris tend to coat your car fast, having a ceramic coating will help.

Washing Your Car Becomes Easier

Because dirt and other substances won't bond to the surface as easily, it becomes much easier to clean your car.

No More Waxing Needed

Ceramic coating will replace the need to wax your vehicle. Essentially, a ceramic coating does the job of wax, and some.

It's A Cost Effective Product

Ceramic coating protects your paint, which saves you from frequent waxing, and washing, saving money.

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Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

In short the answer is yes as long as you have proper expectations. Getting a ceramic coating for you car isn’t a “fix all”. There isn’t a product on the market that can solve all of your potential paint problems, but a ceramic coating is a close second.

When you factor in all of the things getting a ceramic coating can do for you paint, and how inexpensive it is. It’s a no brainier for most people who care about the exterior appearance of their car.

You do still need to regularly wash your car. Getting ceramic coating doesn’t repel all of the dirt from every day driving.

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